A discussion about the beautiful,
the good and the true...

As liberal-minded people, we have internalised many personal experiences and inspirations and thus developed our own vision of what a holiday means. This is the starting point for our new Sonus Alpis hotel concept, combined with our passion for music and enriching sound experiences. The Sonus Alpis does not offer holiday programmes, but provides rather numerous individual moments of enjoyment that also leave space for the individual and the surprising.

See the loved, see through the unloved…
True, it may not always be possible. But, while regenerating, this approach is a wise one.

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Sonus Alpis is:
An unique and special residence hotel in South Tyrol

We combine ambience with the notions of merit, inner harmony and a sense of well-being. We thus chose architect and artist Hanspeter Demetz to realise the conversion works. His sensitive architectural interpretation of the new Sonus Alpis is so imaginative, both inside and outside, so natural and so rich in original details that it cannot be described – you simply have to experience it for yourself!

The natural materials as local woods and granite, the carefully chosen forms and colour combiations in the different areas, the especially for music lovers equipped spaces, the fine leather furnitures, the high quality materials… all this is intended for people who love and appreciate beautiful things. The Sonus Alpis relaxing concept is unique among the residence hotels in South Tyrol.

Our conecept for a stress-free break
Adults Only at the Sonus Alpis

With the “adults-only” concept we would like to meet the specific needs of guests over 16. A stress-free break stimulates vital energies and is simply healthy… now and then for the most loving parents in the world as well!

Here you will rediscover the pleasure of slowing down and, surrounded by majestic sceneries, you can finally enjoy absolute peace and relax.

Holiday in the Sonus Alpis