The greatest revelation is silence.

Lao Tzu

New: From now on, a restaurant is at your disposal in the Sonus Alpis...

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Golf getaway in the breathtaking landscape of the Dolomites – with exclusive benefits!
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What images appear before your eyes
when you start to think of holidays?

What feelings awaken in you when you imagine yourself blinking as you come out from between tree branches and into bright morning sunshine, or you hear pebbles crunching under your walking boots, or you feel your hand brushing over the rain-fresh grass? And how would you feel if you could collapse onto soft cushions, free from all unpleasant thoughts, while outside the snowflakes dance?
Welcome to the Sonus Alpis, a place to encounter the sounds of peacefulness and the feeling of completely letting go.
The Sonus Alpis is a residence hotel for adults with all the comforts of a four-star establishment. We offer rooms and suites plus an extensive breakfast. During the rest of the day you can opt for either a self-catering apartment, a dine-around arrangement or enjoy small delicacies in the Sonus Alpis in the evening.


Your stay in the Pica room

Your own realm of great comfort.



26 m², sleeps 2

This comfortable panoramic room is accessed via the lift to the floor then up a short staircase.
The fine furnishings, large bathroom with separate WC and numerous small details make this room something special. The windows look out in three directions with beautiful views from the south to the west where the sun goes down.
One curiosity is that, even from the walk-in wardrobe, the spires of the Schlern massif opposite can be glimpsed from the small window. more...

Your stay in the Turdus room

Comfort that surprises.



40 - 45 m², sleeps 2

The homely ambience welcomes you at the door with atmospheric living and dining areas. The light fragrance of fir wood, the high-quality furnishings with their traditional elements, and with the latest technology in the bathroom and kitchen all make this room the ideal place to stay. The kitchen is of course also included in the cleaning of the apartment. more...

Your stay in the Alcedo room

Luxury on two floors.



60 - 70 m², sleeps 2

A luxurious apartment on two floors. Wood, high-quality materials and numerous beautiful details give it a noble character. One special feature is the small, superbly equipped kitchen that disappears easily into the wardrobe to ensure that nothing disturbs the relaxed living environment. more...

Your stay in the Hirundo room

Plenty of room for spending pleasant time together.



70 m², two separate bedrooms, sleeps 4

The accommodation is suitable as a family apartment, with plenty of comforts throughout the large living area and two separate bedrooms. The natural wooden flooring means you can also go barefoot or just sit in the small loggia and enjoy the panoramic views over the mountains. more...

Your stay in the Luscinia room

A maximum of individuality.



75 m², on two floors, with two separate bedrooms and bathrooms, sleeps 4

The luxurious apartment consists of accommodation on two floors, each with its own access door. It offers excellent privacy as the double room with its en-suite bathroom on the upper floor can be accessed via the short internal staircase. From the large windows and three southwest-facing balconies guests can view the vast, impressive mountain landscape and admire the wonderful Alpine sunsets. more...

Your stay in the Cuculus room

A cosy, homely atmosphere.



20 - 25 m², sleeps 2

A double room with views of the mountains or the surrounding Alpine meadows that is popular with nature lovers. All those who spend a lot of time outdoors will appreciate the essential and the natural, local materials used in the room. more...

Your stay in the picus room

All in one.



30 - 35 m², sleeps 2

The smooth transition from the kitchen to the dining and sleeping areas makes this apartment very practical. Everything is at hand, everything can easily be tidied away and found again. more...

Your stay in the Merula room

Space to live.



35 - 45 m², sleeps 2

A spacious apartment that offers visually separated living and sleeping areas that guarantee individuality and freedom. more...

A totally new experience:
sound and relaxation in the music library

Sonus Alpis offers you something very special: a music library with tonal wood, relaxation couches and panoramic views. Curious to know more? In brief: our Music Butler (developed by ourselves) makes our digital Sonus Alpis music collection available to you in the music room, allowing you to listen to the music of your choice through headphones while at the same time observing the South Tyrolean mountains from your couch, viewing the wonderful sunsets or even – every now and then – massive thunderstorms. Fascinating? Of course. But to experience it for yourself is a truly a dream!

Forget the world for an instant:
The prospect of wellness

Close your eyes and look within, or perhaps look outside and let the impressive views take effect on you: both can be emotional and stimulating experiences as you sit in the panoramic sauna or relax in the quiet room after a refreshing dip in the pool.

A new view of exquisite pleasures:
the Lounge Bar and the wine cellar

It is not the extent of the selection that is important, but rather the character and individuality of our wines: fine wines from the Alpine regions that have developed their wonderful qualities thanks to the local minerals and microclimate. The idea of conscious enjoyment is also reflected in the coffee, juices and drinks we serve, always with a personal note in their preparation and taste.

A different way to dine:
our “Little Menu”

We offer the ideal alternative for those not wishing to follow a fixed holiday menu! The Sonus Alpis does not have a restaurant in the classic sense, but rather our special “Little Menu”. If you do not fancy going out to a restaurant in the evening or cooking in your apartment, then take a look at our Little Menu and let yourself be inspired: our expert kitchen team can offer a small but delicious selection of freshly prepared dishes!


See the loved, see through the unloved…
True, it may not always be possible. But on holiday this approach is a wise one.

author unknown

A voyage of discovery

For those who take time to notice the smallest things, every day represents a little voyage of discovery.


Our Residence Hotel for adults only aims at offering all guests looking for a relaxing time the perfect retreat to unwind and enjoy a peaceful getaway. Among like-minded people it is much easier to succeed.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site right outside: Mountains, uniqueness, beauty, emotion.

(Culinary) Holidays in tune with the times

The classic half board is not everyone’s cup of tea. A trendy holiday means feeling free. Free to eat when you are hungry… or when you feel like a delicious culinary intermezzo, a pizza or a gourmet dinner in an elegant restaurant…

Linger over breakfast, every day of the week!

Breakfast is available from 7:30 to 11:00 a.m.

A bus stop in front of the hotel

Hop on board and in a few minutes you are in the lift on the way up to the Seiser Alm.

Shopping in South Tyrol, still a personal experience.

The appealing shops in the city centre with their selected shopping offer, the cafés, the gelaterias and wine bars, the multicultural charm…
Our South Tyrolean towns deserve a visit, above all Bolzano, Bressanone and Merano.

Music everywhere

The singing of the birds, the chirping of crickets, the soft sighing of the wind in the pine branches... Nature offers her wonderful world of sounds to all those who delight in such things. Just as at the Sonus Alpis: there is a music library with our Sonus Alpis music collection where you can listen to music through headphones while enjoying panoramic views, or meet others for spontaneous music-making in the Lounge Bar, or practise your own instrument in the rehearsal room. Music is life.


Internet throughout
the hotel:
no grey areas!

Holiday in the Sonus Alpis