Giving beauty a new shine

Living moments consciously

Listening to gentle sounds and being pampered by experienced hands. At Sonus Alpis we have a range of beneficial massages to choose from, which you can enjoy directly on site. The extended beauty program with special treatments is available at our partner hotel Vigilerhof. We have further information for you at the reception. 

Mind Relaxing Aroma Massage

A classic massage that relaxes both body and mind.


50 min  70,00 €

Sport & Vitality Body Massage

Sports massage based on dynamic and draining movements such as pulling and kneading, for a total recovery after physical activity.


50 min  85,00 €

Classical facial massage

The often stressful everyday life is not rarely reflected in our face. Our 30-minute facial massage has a vitalizing effect and releases tension in the facial muscles.


30 min  50,00 €

Abhyanga Massage

Pure sesame oil massage which encapsulates the basic principles of Ayurvedic culture for the care of mind and body.


50 min  85,00 € / 80 min  115,00 €


Lomi Lomi Massage

A Hawaii-born massage using coconut oil, where wave-like movements relax muscles and create a state of mental and physical well-being.


50 min  80,00 €

Drainage massage

The gentle, rhythmic stroking massage stimulates the lymph and the legs are purified. It is ideal for fluid blockages and strengthens the immune system.


30 min  80,00 €

Dynamic Recreation Back Massage

Massage focusing on the back area, performed with the help of various techniques, including cupping and deep tissue. Strongly recommended to relax muscles and restore balance.


50 min  90,00 €

Relaxing Head and Neck Massage

Massage that works the entire upper body - head, face, neck, shoulders and back - for a unique feeling of relaxation.


50 min 80,00 €