Music everywhere...

The singing of the birds, the chirping of crickets, the soft sighing of the wind in the trees... Nature offers her wonderful world of sounds to all those who delight in such things. The Sonus Alpis too offers its own worlds of sound: the music library with its fireplace, pebble fountain and panoramic views for your individual listening pleasure, the grand piano in the Lounge Bar, or simply spontaneous music-making. Music is life!

Music begins not with the first note, but with the preceding silence. And it ends not with the last tone, but with the subsequent sound of silence.

Giora Feidman
It’s really worth to stop occasionally, because:
Music is in the air…

When music-lovers and inspired musicians get together as guests at the Sonus Alpis, the result is always unforgettable. Not for nothing have we installed a new grand piano (from the well-known manufacturer Schimmel) on a podium in our Lounge Bar. This is a place where the lounge mood and panoramic views combine with the music to produce a pleasant and convivial atmosphere.

It wouldn't be Sonus Alpis without:
The music library, a fascinating experience…

Lie on one of the soft hanging couches, close your eyes and let your thoughts run free. Music flows from the headphones: music you have selected from our music collection, served to you by our “Music Butler” on his digital tablet. Music, and perhaps a good book. A time-out: time for oneself.

The music library is a unique idea by Sonus Alpis for your individual listening pleasure, which cannot be experienced in this way anywhere else. In the light-filled room, with the agreeable scent of mountain pine, your gaze can drift over the meadows towards the surrounding mountain peaks and the icy summit of the Ortles massif.
The evening has a fascinating mood of its own when the snow gleams white outside and the bright colours of the sunset mingle with the chimney fire.

It's a good decision:
Bring your musical instrument with you on holiday…

Is music a major part of your life? Your hosts are also musicians and thus know the necessity of finding a suitable place for rehearsal while on holiday. The Sonus Alpis has its own soundproofed practice room where you can rehearse and make music undisturbed or overheard by others. There is also an E-piano available that you are welcome to use.

Holiday in the Sonus Alpis